Project Development

Understanding the nuts and bolts of how to develop a film or video project can be daunting. The solution? Seek help. Turn to image-and-sound professionals. We’ve over 20 years of experience and know how to develop a project for you.

The Story

Have you ever watched a film or video that had a weak story? Or that went over budget? One is not an excuse for the other. In fact, there really is no excuse for either. It just creates stress all the way around. Adhering to a few facts can help. Understand how to tell story for image-and-sound projects. Write a story using budget as a parameter. Story and budget must get along. Three simple facts that we always honor.


Like tripping over your own shoelaces, weak or disorganized preproduction is painful. It’s also expensive. Preproduction is too important to take lightly. We know it, and we know how to make preproduction work for your project.


Production is intense. That is not necessarily a bad thing. However, when intensity does turn into a bad thing, it’s something you just don’t want to repeat. Here’s a way to help. Don’t skimp on project development, script, or preproduction. Each of these elements well performed makes production headaches few and far between. At least, that’s been our experience.


Postproduction can be a real pressure cooker. It’s where production shortcomings get solved or fixed. Let’s face it though. Regardless of the amount of pressure, a lot of magic takes place in post. Given that landscape, here’s a tip: be nice to your editor. We are. It seems to help.

How Does Your Story Unfold?

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